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Founded in 2015, Brightpoint Consulting Ltd is an international Management & IT Consulting Firm uniquely positioned within the Business and Information technology Consulting space, we leverage this unique fusion to provide optimal service to our clients by aligning business needs & Information technology requirements. Our scope of service covers Business, management and IT advisory services, solution Implementation, and Change Management.

Simple & Effective
The client is the focus
The objective is to meet the client’s expectations on time, within budget and fit for purpose quality deliverables.
The Attitude is transparency & Can – Do
Our principle is collaboration, flexibility and adaptability

Our approach is dynamic, we professionally adapt our methods to achieve results within the fast-changing business and IT environment thus ensuring the clients get the most optimal service.

Working closely with the client we help envision and realize the implementation of critical-to -success business and information technology strategies.

The combination of our simple approach and experienced consultants means we possess the agility to tailor specific solutions to a varying range of business environments whilst deploying global best practices framework to analyze the situation, articulate requirements of our clients, define solutions, and manage the implementation.